Goldfire Gallery has an online exhibition space where artists hold a virtual exhibition just like they would in a physical location.

Exhibitions differ from a general artist portfolio in that exhibitions generally have a central underlying theme to the artworks being shown.

The Goldfire Gallery exhibition space offers the same sales options as the artist portfolio but with more flexibility of features to promote the artist, their processes, and their artistic creations including the ability to show video.

Part of the Goldfire Gallery artist membership is free access to Goldfire Gallery’s virtual Exhibition space. Limitations apply. Please see the Artist Membership information page for more information.


While the Goldfire Gallery Virtual Exhibition space is primarily for artists who have an artist membership with Goldfire Gallery, depending on the demand on space, there may at times be availability for non-member artists to exhibit. Fees apply and are payable before setup of your virtual exhibition. The size and complexity of the exhibition content will determine the fee. Contact Goldfire Gallery for more information.

Artist Information and imagery in Goldfire Gallery virtual exhibitions is provided by the artist who is solely responsible for the correctness, accuracy, and quality of the content.

There are a limited number of virtual exhibition spaces available each month. Notice of your intent and request to hold a virtual exhibition must be provided to Goldfire Gallery in writing by emailing Goldfire Gallery holds the right to charge fees for excessive content or to decline rights to an exhibition based on inappropriateness of content or unavailability of virtual exhibition space.

For more information contact Goldfire Gallery at