As a small Australian business Goldfire Gallery welcomes all donations towards helping us keep this service running.

Your generous support allows us to best support Australia's young and emerging artists and creative talent by providing us the funding to promote Goldfire Gallery and it's member artists to the wider community. If you are a true patron of the arts and are able to contribute with a donation, you will help us continue to do what we do best - showcase artists and their works to the world; or better yet purchase a beautiful creative piece from one or more of our artists!


If you wish to provide a donation to Goldfire Gallery for a different use than mentioned above, please contact Goldfire Gallery on


Thank you,

Tracey Malliaros

Director, Goldfire Gallery


*Please note that while a tax receipt will be issued by Goldfire Gallery for your donation, as we are a business any donations are not claimable as a charitable donation.